Top 8 Backbar Essentials for Estheticians

top 8 backbar essential must have

1. Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask - Soothing

A staple in Korean luxury spas

Modeling rubber masks are a step-up from regular sheet masks. When applied, the thick layer of rubber fully conforms to the shape of your face. It promotes an intense absorption of ingredients into deeper layers of skin resulting in dewy, hydrated and glowing skin.


2. Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask

Apply under your rubber mask

Histo Moisturizing Cream Mask soothes the skin of those seeking extra moisture and hydration. Nourishing properties, including Sodium Hyaluronate, and HISTOLAB's patented SRGF H1 encourage the ultimate delivery of hydration. Apply under your rubber mask, for the maximum moisturizing and glowing result!


3. Histo Clear Lotion

Blackhead Removal Solution

Clear Lotion is a blackhead removal solution with the properties that balance the secretion of sebum and remove impurity effectively. It melts the sebum and tightens the pores. Gently removes the sebum in the pores without squeezing or peeling.


4. Premium Therapy Massage Cream

Luxury aroma massage cream

It is a premium massage cream for soft and elastic skin. It helps moisturize dry skin and make it elastic and smooth with oil and plant based ingredients.


5. Aloe Plus Gel

Multi purpose gel

It helps moisturizing on the sensitive and dry skin including soothing effect with aloe vera leaf extract and azulene ingredient. It can be used as both ultrasound gel and soothing mask. Mix with enzyme powder and try soft and gentle peeling for your clients!


6. Hybrid Water Fluide Milky Cleanser

Silky and gentle cleanser for all skin type

A silky and gentle fluid type cleanser for all skin types. It effectively removes make-up and impurities with a refreshing feeling and keeps skin moist without drying.


7. Derma Revive Triple Action Mask

Immidiate calming mask

This calming mask recovers sensitive skin condition. It soothes and calms irritated skin, reduces redness and creates skin moisture barrier. It is a perfect post procedure mask right after laser, microneedling and peeling.


8. Peptide Hydrogel Multi Cream

AHOHAW Peptide Hydrogel Multi Cream (Glowing Skin Cream)

Your final touch of facial, Glowing skin for clients

It contains cica cream and hydrogel facial mask effect helps moisturizing and vitalizing on the skin with 7 kinds of peptides and hydrogel, and make the tired skin relax with centella asiatica extract, portulaca oleracea extract and plantago asiatica extract.



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