What is modeling rubber mask?


A rubbery mask made of a specialized gel mixed with an active powder, this famed modeling mask is at once incredibly hydrating, soothing, nourishing, brightening, and firming, and it has immediate results. As soon as the mask is removed, there is a dramatic, visible difference to the client’s skin, making it an addictive treatment as skin looks so spectacularly radiant.

How it works?

Alginate, found in kelp extract, that transforms from a powder to a soft gel-like texture when mixed in water. Formulated with a blend of botanicals and clays, this mineral-rich modeling rubber mask helps to detoxify skin by gently lifting away impurities and dead skin cells while supplying nutrients into the skin to reveal instant brightening effects.

Tips for Professionals

For a luxurious finish to your spa treatments, try our modeling rubber mask! Apply an ampoule or cream mask before the modeling mask to maximize moisturizing and glowing effect even further. 


Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask – Collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid are concentrated in this rubbery skin conditioning treatment to provide long-lasting moisture retention, remove impurities, and re-energize & revitalize skin. Each session will leave you with the appearance of firmer, hydrated, and more youthful looking skin.



Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask – Brightening

The brightening modeling mask is formulated with niacinamide which helps clarify skin for a more radiant complexion. It helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation/dark spots, soothes skin, brightens dullness. 



Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask – Soothing

This mask is ideal for soothing redness from irritated, inflamed skin. The cool, jelly texture ensures skin remains calm and hydrated even after removing the mask. Ideal for troubled, irritation-prone skin.



Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask – Pore

Infused with charcoal, which is known to help purify and detox the skin, this mask helps to refine pores and purify revealing cleaner, hydrated skin. It is perfect for deep cleansing.


natural la belle modeling rubber mask oily

Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask – Oily

Gently works on oily skin to remove excess sebum and wastes to cleanse the skin. Excellent moisturizing effect activates moisture metabolism, which helps to relieve irritated skin from external harmful environment and smooth skin function.


Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask – cool

Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask – Cool

It gives fresh cool feeling, that makes loosen pores to tighten, immediately soothes the skin. It provides abundant moisturize to maintain skin’s natural elasticity and smoothness, resting on the skin.


Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask – vitamin

Natural La Belle Modeling Rubber Mask – Vitamin

It provides rich moisture and nutrition, effectively works on dry and dull skin, refreshing healthy and clear skin. And it calms the skin with excellent moisturizing effect to help smooth and elastic healthy skin.

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