Coveted Korean derm secrets + Cutting-edge clinical actives for dramatic, radiant skin results.

ID Hospital, South Korea’s leading dermatology clinic, is the skincare destination for many celebrities in Asia. Founded by Dr. Sang Hoon Park, ID Hospital utilizes advanced technology and actives in their in-office procedures - treatments range from laser procedures to treat hyperpigmentation, to facials with treatment names like Water Glow and Honey Glow. Now, ID Hospital is proud to introduce Private Doctor Minus Serum, Plus Serum and Blooming Cream - a revolutionary anti-aging skincare formulated to minimize lines and create definition. Private Doctor embodies Dr. Park’s philosophy on anti-aging: the key to a youthful appearance lies in dimension, volume, and a defined face.

The Technology

New cutting edge actives previously only available for skin surgeons performing groundbreaking in-office procedures are now available in the privacy of your own home.

This silky, skin-smoothing anti-aging, boosting serum and cream to target hollow, sunken cheeks, and dull, rough, and tired skin. Infused with patented ID.SCULPT* Technology and cruelty-free ingredients.