DERMATHOD is first in the industry to successfully commercialize the micro skin stimulator with medical acrylic needles, developed with the expertise of professional dermatologists.

DERMA LEVEL 345 is a micro skin stimulator which induces the absorption of ampoule with adjustable needle lengths. Our skin, especially the keratin layer, plays the important defensive role of protecting the body from the external environment and harmful substances. Due to various external environmental factors, the thickness of the skin is diverse with a variety of skin concerns in clients.

Microneedling is an effective method to pass the keratin layer and improve the penetration of the nutrients into the skin. The ampoule which completes the microneedling procedure is the culmination of DERMATHOD researchers and dermatologists with their expertise in diverse skin types and age. Only the ingredients focused on skin and its functions were considered.

The professional (or user) can adjust the length of the needles targeting different areas of the skin with different thicknesses and skin concerns.

DERMA LEVEL 345 will help improve your client's skin concerns with a single device for customized skincare. With DERMA LEVEL 345, you will offer the top-notch skin professional treatments with the world’s first patented disposable ampoule-integrated adjustable microneedle stimulator.

DERMATHOD will continue to endeavor to resolve any skin concerns of clients and find new innovative new method to solve skin problems.